Healthy diet

Vitamins and minerals form the building blocks of cell renewal, the gastrointestinal environment, the immune system, and many other processes that are constantly taking place in our bodies. Research reveals a strong connection between the health of our gastrointestinal system, our hormonal processes, and the functioning of the brain. Foods that contain a high level of vitamins and minerals are vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. They also contain so-called anti-oxidants, which help to prevent disease and early aging. It’s important to find organically grown fresh products, as many plant-based products in the supermarkets have been sprayed with toxic chemicals and have been genetically modified.

Plant-based food carries a different frequency than animal products. They are ‘lighter’, and easier to digest. Many people believe they depend on animal and dairy products for their protein and iron intake. However, most vegan athletes are completely healthy, strong, and have high energy levels. The animal products have a ‘lower’ frequency. Especially when the animal has experienced suffering during and at the end of their life, this low frequency of suffering is transported into our system. It is important for every individual to discern for themselves what the right choices are for their diet, and to listen to their body.

Another important ingredient of our healthy diet is a high amount (at least two liters per day) of clean and energized water. The amount of water in our bodies ranges from 45 to 75 percent. Regular tap water often contains fluoride and calcium. Also, water carries energy and frequencies, just like crystals. A great way to energize water before drinking it is by letting it ‘bathe’ in sunlight while soaking a selection of crystals inside the water for several hours. Research by doctor Emoto confirms the impact that intentions of love and gratitude have on the quality ans structure of water molecules. We can energetically charge the water with gratitude and love before drinking it. To ensure the water is as clean as possible, we can use methods that filter and purify tap water. One of the easiest ways is to use a countertop water-filter that can be filled with tap water. The water is purified by a small but effective filter-system that is replaced every few weeks. Brita is an acknowledged water filter provider.

Another increasingly popular method for creating water that benefits health is through hydrogen water generators. Normal water, H20, consists of molecules that contain two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The H2 water generators increase the number of hydrogen atoms in the water so that as a result, these ‘leftover’ hydrogen atoms travel through the body. Hydrogen atoms are so tiny that they can travel through the walls of our organs and be transported in the blood. On their journey through our system, they encounter and combine with oxygen atoms (that are known to cause damage and aging through the process of oxidation), and form completely harmless new H20-molecules. However, there are many cheap hydrogen water generators on the market that don’t produce a high concentration of hydrogen in the water, and even risk adding toxins to it. A trustworthy hydrogen water generator can be found at Secret Energy.

Our bodies function optimally when the inner environment is alkaline. When our diet contains fresh plant-based food and drinks, and we add some routines like starting the day with lemon water or apple cider vinegar, our system remains at a healthy pH-level. When the body becomes more acidic, it offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Over time, this results in loss of energy, physical pain, and disease. Our societies have normalized diets that are essentially unhealthy. A high percentage of people today suffer from obesity, chronic disease, and food addictions. To reach and maintain optimal health, there are some important elements to be cautious of in our daily diet:

  • Refined sugar. It’s everywhere, not just in candy, cookies, and cakes. We consume ‘hidden’ sugar in soft drinks and even so-called fruit juices that contain added sugar. Also in many sauces, cereals, and spreads, we find high amounts of sugar. Prepared foods like soups and dinner sauces also contain much sugar. Often we cannot taste the amount of sugar in these processed foods because of other added ingredients such as salt and taste enhancers. Sugar in the body causes acidity and it tends to decrease the health of our cells. It is also highly addictive and causes weight gain. The use of alternative sweeteners is not the solution. Many of these sweeteners are a health risk as well. Natural (fruit-based) sweetener alternatives and the occasional raw cane-sugar do less harm.
  • Salt. In combination with the high amount of sugar in processed foods we hardly notice how much salt our bodies take in daily. Salt regulates how much water the body stores in our cells. So we do need salt, otherwise, we would get dehydrated. But high salt-levels cause high blood pressure, which can damage the arteries, heart, kidneys, and brain.
  • Preservatives and additives. For the sake of preserving the food for a longer period, giving it more flavor and color, many so-called E-numbers are added to the foods we eat. Some of these are of natural origin, but others are unhealthy for our system. Over time, they could impact our system. For example, neurological damage has been linked to consuming E-numbers.
  • Alcohol and drugs. These intoxicating substances can offer us a delightful experience, and offer relief of pain, depression, symptoms of disease etcetera. But they are difficult for the body to process. They quite literally are toxic for our bodies, and especially the liver and kidneys (the main cleaning organs of our body) suffer when they are processing high levels of these substances long-term, and can develop chronic problems. Having said that, chronic high levels of stress due to anxiety and depression can also be a cause of physical problems, and sometimes using small doses of substances for short periods can result in a significantly better mental balance.
  • Lactose. Many people have developed a (mild or severe) intolerance for lactose, which often is revealed through excessive mucus production, allergies, and skin problems. There are several alternatives for lactose products appearing on the market. Soy products as a replacement for
    lactose could have an unwanted effect on our hormonal system. Several alternatives based on oat, nut, and coconut are a more preferable option.
  • Gluten. These are proteins found in most grains. Gluten intolerance is more and more widespread and mostly concerns the gluten in wheat, barley, and rye. Consumption can trigger an immune reaction which can result in inflammation of the digestive system. There are many gluten-free alternatives available these days.

The relationship we have with the concept of eating seems to become increasingly questionable. We are tempted by the ‘wrong’ kinds of food in many restaurants and in advertisements. We are also programmed with the idea of an ‘ideal’ body through the media that show photo-shopped images of highly athletic people. At the same time, we are losing our connection with our feelings, so instead of processing our emotions, we try to suppress them. Many people have an obsessive focus on food which can result in overeating or starving ourselves, in constantly counting calories we consume, and in a yo-yo effect. This obsessive focus can offer a sense of control of ourselves when it seems like everything else in our lives is outside of our control.

When we choose to nourish our body with the healthy nutritious food that our body is craving, we can also start to make a habit of preparing and cooking our food as a meditation. We are not only practicing to be present in the moment, but we are also reprogramming the atomic structure of the food itself, similar to the effects that positive frequencies have on water. While dedicating our energy to this new food lifestyle, our food starts to taste much better. Our mental, emotional, and spiritual balance also improves. Much less energy is wasted on processing food that wasn’t truly nurturing our system, and with this new habit, we feel better about ourselves.

For assistance and inspiration to change our food lifestyle, the internet provides an extensive source of ideas for ingredients and recipes. People with a genuine passion for what they do can be simply contagious. Jamie Oliver is one of those people that can infect us with his passion for healthy but delicious food.