360 experience

Thank you for being on this journey of expansion. Each of us represents a drop in the ocean of consciousness, and our individual awakened consciousness brings us closer to the critical mass needed to shift the consciousness of the human collective. Our personal quest can feel intense, like being on a roller-coaster. To put our experience into perspective, let’s zoom out for a moment.

We live on a planet that is rotating so fast, that on the surface we are moving at a speed of around 1000 kilometers per hour. This rotating ball is orbiting around the sun at a speed of almost 30 kilometers per second. That sun is making life on earth possible, but it is also expanding, so it’s heating the earth up more and more. Inevitably, life on this planet will be uninhabitable in a few billion years.

Floating Earth

Let’s zoom out some more. Together with the sun and the other planets in our solar system, we are floating around in one of the arms of the massive Milky Way galaxy-spiral. My point here is: we, as life on earth, represent a tiny pinpoint in this massive universe. And even on this planet, we share the surface with 7,5 billion other humans. Yet, our personal journey can often feel like such a roller-coaster that we lose sight of this perspective.

Milky Way

Components of expansion

It’s important to keep a balanced approach in your journey of expansion. Your personal quest represents a drop in a vast ocean while at the same time, it embodies your immeasurable magnificence as a reflection of infinite consciousness. The 360 Experience can be your compass on this journey. It offers eye-openers and sign-posts that will help make the journey smoother and that will assist in finding the direction that is right for you at this moment in time. The journey on expansion consists of 8 significant components. The key is to pay attention to all these components. They all play a crucial part in the process of self-realization and when these components start amplifying each other, exponential inner growth occurs.

The physical body is our sacred vessel during this human experience. It is the tangible expression of who we are at this moment. And our body serves as the foundation for exploring more metaphysical aspects of life. For optimal functioning, the body needs healthy food and nutrition that carry a high frequency and are easy to process. Because the foods that are available in our current systems often lack nutritious value, we can add a selection of supplements to our diet. Sometimes the physical system asks for a period of detox, using supplements, diets, or fasting. This will cleanse the systems in our body and boost the immune system and energy levels. We can also look at energetic nutrition. The frequency of our environment, our activities, and our interactions impact our system and can amplify or decrease our physical health and well-being.

The art of deep relaxation has gone lost in the hectic lives we are caught up in. Even when we sit down and physically do nothing for a while, our mind is never fully at peace. The constant impulses of information that are presented to us have conditioned the mind to stay continuously active. These thought-habits cut us off from the connection to our senses and feelings, and can easily become a source of anxiety and depression. We can re-train the mind to function as a tool that we can use when we choose to, instead of letting the hyperactive mind haunt and control us. Then space opens up to truly recharge and re-balance. Consistent practice with the right combination of tools allows us to become more grounded, embodied, present, and alert.

Our physical body is designed to move. When we are inactive for a long time, our systems get stagnated. When we stretch, play, and dance, we become energized and balanced. Muscles, joints, and the nervous system stay in optimum health with regular exercise and stretching. But movement offers us more. We can use our body as an instrument for expression and release. The tension that accumulates in our system causes disbalance. Muscles start to ache, energy meridians get blocked, toxins build up in the blood, organs, and lymphatic system. Over time this can result in disease. With regular movement practice, the self-healing ability of our system is activated. When we add playing and dancing to the mix, we experience more joy and aliveness.

The previous three components of the expansion journey re-open the door to being aware of what lives inside of us. Now we start to feel more intensely. The natural sensitivity of our heart and body is immense when it is not blocked or distracted. Everything we have felt in our past but have ignored or suppressed rises to the surface so these neglected parts can be integrated and healed. There is an art to feeling everything that arises, without identifying with the story that surrounds it. We are so used to suppressing, analyzing, or escaping that it can feel overwhelming to allow certain feelings to arise. But with the practice of sinking deeper and letting the waves of emotions run their course, tremendous healing can take place.

Many of the beliefs about ourselves and about life are unconsciously dictated by our traumatic experiences and conditioning. They can even be rooted in unresolved trauma from previous generations. We often associate trauma with being exposed to invasive aggressive behavior. But it can be equally traumatic to experience the absence of a loving and nurturing presence during our early childhood. Our minds unconsciously draw conclusions from these experiences, which become our inner convictions and beliefs that we are not aware of, such as ‘I am not worthy’ or ‘Everybody I love will leave me’. Becoming aware of these hidden beliefs and releasing the intense emotions that were stored since the trauma, is transformational and deeply healing.

Now that we gained a deep understanding of ourselves, it’s important to also increase our understanding of life and our external reality. We live in a world that is tempting us to remain in a state of being half-awake. We are distracted with technological devices and entertainment, and we easily get sucked into a hectic cycle of performance-stress and consumerism. People that are waking up, begin to see a bigger picture. In this process we ask ourselves crucial questions, we do our own research, use our critical thinking, and our discernment. That way we get a birds-eye perspective on the reality we experience. Slowly we can shift from a way of living that is dictated by external impulses to one that is guided from within.

Once we have established a balanced and integrated relationship with ourselves, the way we relate to others will transform as well. We show our honest self to others without masks, and we express our truth, longings, and boundaries. We develop a way of relating to others based on healthy attachment. Because we carry a new frequency, some old connections fade, and we attract new like-minded connections. When tension or conflict arises, we are offered an opportunity to gain deeper insight into ourselves and the other. The charge that we feel about certain behaviors or situations, can be used as a mirror to point out what lives inside of us that wants to be uncovered and integrated. It is an art to assist each other in this process and explore more and deeper parts of ourselves and the other.

Each of us was born in this life and on this planet with a unique mission and with a set of talents and skills that are needed to manifest this mission. When we discover what it is that we do and create effortlessly, and feel deeply passionate about, we can start to fulfill our purpose. Our job or business doesn’t feel like a draining or boring obligation anymore, but instead, it gives us new energy and inspiration. We remain childlike, playful, and open-minded. When several individuals that are fulfilling their purpose, are drawn to each other and share a similar vision, magical co-creation takes place. These initiatives arise with flow and synchronicity. Communities can be built and new ways of living can be manifested. These places then serve as places for healing and guidance for others that start remembering their mission and feel called to transform the way they live.