The lives we live as human beings are governed by many laws that dictate our rights, our obligations, our freedom, and our limitations. Without external authority that creates rules for individuals and groups, it might be very chaotic and destructive on this planet. So an authority that holds the best intentions for a thriving human civilization could be useful. But the worrying aspect of the current reality is that the authorities that dictate the rules and laws are benefiting and profiting from a civilization that is not thriving. Our governments are not only part of ending wars, but also part of starting them. They are not only part of curing sick individuals, but also part of causing disease. They are not only offering security in the systems we live in but these systems also significantly limit our freedom.

Governments claim to channel the voice of the people, yet on many occasions, the loudest voices that hold the most power don’t represent the voice of the people. Governments execute power over people in many ways. The certificates and contracts of our birth, partnerships, jobs, houses, loans, function like bonds that are traded behind the scenes. The financial, corporate, military, educational, and pharmaceutical industries all play their part in the intricate matrix of control and manipulation. All the external limitations that are forced upon humans, leads to limitations in our consciousness. This is where the real power lies, and regardless of the systems that govern our lives, this power of consciousness can be reclaimed.

There are universal laws that outweigh the planetary laws. One of the most important laws is the universal law of free will. In the game of this control matrix, our free will has been bypassed in smart ways, using our cooperation and surrender to the control system as an implicit agreement. When we practice non-consent and our intention of ending our cooperation gets clearer and stronger, we start living sovereign lives. When we use the power of our free will to state our authentic boundaries, we become a conscious creator of the life we want to live. It’s important to do our inner work and healing first so that the intentions are not based on victim-identity, powerlessness, anger, or revenge, but on self-worthiness and compassion for all expressions of consciousness.

The external forces that limit us, are not just planetary. The planetary authority is often in service of hyper-dimensional authorities that seek control and that benefit from humans living in a state of limited consciousness. These forces have an impact on our lives through the systems we live in, but they can also directly invade our energy-field, for example through thought-injection or entity attachments. We are most susceptible to these influences in the areas where we carry emotional wounding. So, healing our personal and generational traumas is a first step to improving our energetic shield. Practicing revocation statements to personal interference is an important next step. We are often supported in this process by multi-dimensional beings that are working to assist humanity in reclaiming their sovereignty. Some powerful and effective revocations that assist us in reclaiming our sovereignty in several different aspects of life are formulated by Andrew Bartzis.