purpose & co-creation

When we have reconnected and re-activated our heart, body, mind, and soul, we inevitably realize that there most probably is a deeper meaning to our existence on this planet. During the partially hypnotized, mind-controlled, half-awake state of living, it seems normal to spend our lives racing and competing to reach a goal that remains unreachable. With practice, we no longer get distracted by focusing on the past and the future, but remain present in every moment and stay connected to our intuitive knowing and internal and external guidance. We then become conscious creators of our reality.

As creatures of habit, it can be challenging to let go of our known circumstances and patterns and go on an adventure into unknown territory. In the process of changing our life-approach, we let go of things that gave us a sense of security and safety and move towards more trust and freedom. During the journey of healing, we deal with the fear and resistance that come to the surface when we let go of these attachments. In this next stage of expansion, we free ourselves from a mindset of limitation and practice living and creating from an abundant state of being. We let go of the need for control and contracts, and we open up to the infinite possibilities and timelines that are available at any time. We use our inner guidance, we notice and respond to synchronicities and consciously play out our piece of the collective puzzle: the birth of the new earth.

We all have a fully functioning and ever-present inner guidance system. As children, we were completely connected to this system. But as we were increasingly conditioned and programmed by our environment, most of us became disconnected from it over time. When we are open to the messages of our inner guidance, it speaks in whispers by giving us intuitive insights, dream-messages, and gut-feelings. When we are not connected to our inner guidance, the messages will start to speak louder. We might find ourselves in circumstances of conflict, disease, or accidents until we listen to the deeper meaning behind the situations and interactions. When we re-embrace our inner guidance and re-attune to the language it uses to communicate with us, it becomes like a wise old friend that lives inside of us and is always available for advice and support.

We receive external guidance from the intelligence and frequencies around us in the form of synchronicities. Most of us stopped listening to this guidance as we have been conditioned to no longer believe in the magical synchronicities that life organizes specifically for us, and to disregard the universal messages as coincidences. Our conditioning made us believe that the external intelligence and frequencies that are messaging us are not real and that only the tangible things that are proven to exist by scientific authorities should be taken seriously. When we re-open our eyes and hearts to the synchronicities on our path, our lives transform and we realize we are being guided every step of the way.

As individuals, our frequency and focus influence what we manifest in our reality. But we also influence what is being created collectively, and which timeline becomes the tangible reality on the planet. All of the individual frequencies of human beings combine into a collective frequency, and when a critical mass, represented by a certain amount of people, shifts their frequency, it will impact the collective frequency. In that perspective, being the change we wish to see in the world actually will create the world we wish to see, as long as there are enough other individuals that are simultaneously manifesting the same timeline into reality. When we break our silence, remove our cocoon, and show our authentic selves, by speaking our truth, sharing our wisdom, and radiating our frequency without limitation, we create ripples in the collective field of consciousness. Seeds of inspiration and wisdom will land in the hearts and minds of others, so they too can awaken and expand.