inner guidance

We all know the feeling of having an instant inner response to something, for example when we meet a new person or hear a story from a loved one. It can feel like a warm and peaceful sensation that relaxes our system, but it can also feel like a restless and worrying sensation that stresses our system. These sensations in response to circumstances are the language of our inner guidance system. Our five-sensory perception is fully acknowledged and accepted, but the intangible perception we call our sixth sense is less acknowledged. Society has conditioned us to believe these subtle perceptions are mostly untrue, or at least that they are only within reach for individuals with ‘paranormal gifts’. But in reality, we all have an energetic third eye and a physical pineal gland that share the task of connecting us to the spiritual realm. We have simply grown used to blocking the signals of our inner guidance.

The third eye and the pineal gland are the center of our intuition and cooperate closely with our body-wisdom that resides in our gut-area. When we open our intuitive center more, we re-attune ourselves to clairvoyance, telepathy, and astral travel during waking and sleeping hours. Before the rise of modern technology, humans had to rely much more on their instinct and intuition and their inner guidance allowed them to survive and to thrive. In this day and age, instinct and intuition have become nearly obsolete for survival. But the abilities are still dormant in every human being, simply waiting to be re-activated and fine-tuned. When we do this, we are including our soul in how we move through life, rather than only using our mind and intellect.

Some say that besides the sixth sense that is connecting us to our bodies and feelings, we also have a seventh sense that is connecting us to the universe and source consciousness. With our seventh sense, we receive information from the Akashic Records, which are similar to a cosmic brain or database that stores all collective information and transcends space and time. When we connect to this source of information, direct downloads or information-packages can be received beyond our understanding of who was the messenger or what the purpose of the message is. Reconnecting ourselves to these subtle senses shifts our perspective on life and our human experiences, allowing us to see them through a clearer lens and seeing their interconnectedness beyond space and time.

We can cultivate our connection to these subtle senses by creating enough space for relaxation, silence, and receptivity in our lives, by having a regular spiritual practice, and by actively asking our inner and higher knowing questions. We are likely to then start receiving messages designed to match our level of understanding. As our journey of expansion continues, the messages can become more direct. It is always important to stay alert to the presence of psychic influence coming from multidimensional beings that somehow want to feed on our human experience. When we have healed our emotional wounding and have become more centered in our bodies, we are less vulnerable to these influences. We then fully claim our life-force energy and our energetic field becomes impenetrable to external forces.