This initiative has risen because it is time. We have been playing small for millennia. As a result, we have lost our true power and have forgotten how to live in harmony with ourselves and with nature. Our consciousness has been trapped in a brilliant illusion of security and freedom. But many of us are waking up to the reality of the systems we have been convinced to trust and bow to. We are invited to claim back our sovereignty and to realize that we can be thriving as individuals and as a collective. If we open our eyes fully we can pierce through the veil that has separated us from our essence and our infinite power as creator-beings.

To walk that talk, we also have to look honestly at all parts of ourselves and those around us. As well as to see, feel, and integrate the unacknowledged parts with an empathetic and compassionate heart. Remember, we came here to explore, learn, and expand as timeless consciousness currently inhabiting a physical vessel. And what a journey it is. The frequencies on the planet are increasing rapidly and it feels like a roller-coaster for many of us. Sometimes we need some support or extra tools to get through the rougher parts of the journey. If you are currently experiencing an overwhelming phase, you came to the right place.


My name is Irma Lamberts. I’ve been on this journey of awakening for about 25 years. In some phases I focused more on ‘normal’ life, studying, working, partying, loving, traveling, and being a mother. My experiences, challenges, and adventures have always served as input for my deepening awareness of self and the world. My childhood trauma, my educational conditioning, my social and romantic connections, my travel experiences, have all supported the exploration of the deep mysteries in my own being and the collective human consciousness.


The foundation of what I thought I needed to rely on has been ripped out from under me on several occasions in life. I ‘suffered’ quite some loss and disillusionment. Although that resulted in emotional wounding, it has also challenged me to become my own foundation. These challenges have made me aware of my ability to forgive and of a sense of optimism in the core of my being. They also allowed me to develop inexhaustible resilience. I am no longer afraid to meet the deep and dark secrets of my being. That feels like ultimate freedom to me.

On my quest to heal myself and understand life, I’ve done a lot of inner and outer work. I’ve experienced many of the therapies and retreats you read about on this site. Also, I’ve studied wise teachings and visited ashrams and ancient sites. I received messages from deceased family members and spirit beings. I’ve practiced several massage therapies and energy work, yoga and meditation, and am currently studying children’s coaching. A lot of the ‘truths’ I thought I had found were just a phase or bypass, in the end. It gave me honesty, clarity, humility, and unbiased wisdom. My journey of learning and growing will continue forever. Yet a lot of the wisdom I’ve gathered so far has been kept inside of me. I believe the world can change when we all speak the authentic voice of our heart and soul. So, I am here to throw my rock in the water and let the ripples do their work.

With love,