Our human body is our foundation and our vessel during an entire lifetime. Our organs and internal system are performing miracles on a daily basis. When we are sick, the body knows how to heal itself. Our senses enable us to experience a whole range of sensations. Female bodies have the ability to grow a new life inside of them. Yet, we often seem to take our bodies and how they unconditionally serve and protect us, for granted. It’s never too late to start treating our bodies like a temple, like a divine vessel, and truly learn to listen to what it needs. When we master this, there is no need for the body to develop any discomfort or disease, because we already heard its whispers and responded immediately.

What we feed our body with determines to a large extent how healthy it is now, and in the future. It also influences our energy-levels and our mental state. From that perspective, it would make sense to choose only the most nutritious food. We would then choose a diet that contains mostly organically grown food that contains all the vitamins and minerals our body needs. We would drink water that is truly clean and vibrant, and we would avoid food that contain toxins and that are too heavy for our body to digest. There are some important do’s and don’ts when it comes to consistently improving our diet.

A long-term habit of eating ‘mainstream’ foods and drinks, causes a build-up of toxins in the body. Residues of food that the intestines weren’t able to digest get stored in the corners of our digestive system. In an attempt to break down heavy food, a layer of plaque has been formed on the inner walls of the digestive system, which limits the ability of the inner walls to absorb nutrients. Also, our cleansing organs and our blood are impacted by a long-term unhealthy lifestyle. A period of detoxing with a cleansing diet or fasting allows the body to focus on releasing the accumulated food residues. It functions as a powerful reset for our whole system which can boost the immune system, elevate energy levels, and in some cases cure diseases.

In an ideal world, we would have healthy and strong bodies, eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals, spend a lot of time exercising and playing every day and be outside many hours a day breathing fresh air and exposing our skin to sunlight. But, in our current reality, we sit inside houses, offices, and cars during most of our waking hours. We eat foods that lack nutrients and even healthy foods have been altered in ways that caused them to lose their nutritious value. To maintain a healthy internal balance, we require daily supplements that boost our immune system, help remove toxins, upgrade our overall well-being, and improve our energy levels.

Long before the invention of pharmaceutical drugs, the indigenous medicine men and shamans used plants, roots, spices, and herbs to treat those in need. Their wisdom was passed down on to the next generations. They knew which plants and herbs to use, in which combination, and where to find them. The natural ingredients and the treatment ceremonies seemed to also call in higher ancestral and universal forces to support the healing process. Modern-day shamans and natural healers are re-introducing these indigenous traditions and they translate into herbal (tea) mixtures, cannabis products, and DMT-related (guided) inner journeys.

There are other components to our nutrition that are more metaphysical in nature. The electro-magnetic and chemical environment we are exposed to on a daily basis can have a strong impact on our well-being. Traffic gasses, chem-trails, increasingly stronger electro-magnetic and radiation levels ‘needed’ for advancing technologies, form our daily environment, especially when we live in a city. Also, our energetic environment determines our health and well-being to some degree. When we are surrounded by individuals or a collective of people that are in a low vibrational state due to chronic stress, ego-minds filled with selfishness, competition and judgments, suppressed emotions, and addictions, this inevitably makes our environment less nutritious. When a healthy plant is placed in a toxic environment, it won’t flourish. The same applies to our energy-field.