The news is supposed to keep us informed on what is happening in the world, yet their unbiased representations of world-events have become questionable. Politics and the justice system are supposed to keep us safe and honor the ‘voice of the people’ yet corruption, manipulation, and controlling regimes are increasing worldwide. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are supposed to keep us healthy but humanity’s health condition and physical quality of life are getting worse. The financial and corporate industries are supposed to give humanity a chance to create an independent livelihood yet the pressure of being caught in a system of debt keeps us on our toes and in a constant state of stress. The New Age was supposed to rescue us from this perpetuation of stress, challenges, and disharmony but there seems to be a rise of disinformation and spiritual bypass that sells shortcuts to success without doing sincere inner work.

Science presents us with many facts, that sometimes fail to represent the whole truth. Certain facts can be considered questionable: humans have evolved in a one hundred percent natural process from primates, time is linear and chronological, matter is solid, and terminal or chronic disease is untreatable. Schools, academia, politics, and the media seem to have a consensus that certain ideas about reality should not and will not be questioned. And somehow almost everybody follows in line. The occasional teacher, doctor, or politician that speaks out about controversial topics lose their credibility and are successfully silenced. Yet for those of us that have had a taste of deeper and hidden layers of the truth about our current reality, there seems to be no way back and we are on an ongoing journey of research.

A source of information about history that is not found through mainstream channels is the Ancient Alien series. It discusses the presence and influence of extra-terrestrial intelligence in our history and current reality. Researchers share their discoveries about ancient civilizations and structures from the past that reveal mysteries. The pyramids in Egypt, the Mayan and Incan ruins, stone circle sites, crop circles, and other phenomena that cannot be fully explained by science are discussed. They investigate how these structures were mysteriously established, including their accuracy concerning the positions of celestial bodies, and the presence of altered electro-magnetic frequencies at these locations. Also, interaction with extra-terrestrial life-forms and their influences in the past and current planetary reality are frequently discussed.

Another source that opened the minds of many was found in the Zeitgeist documentaries that aired over a decade ago; it offers an in-depth explanation of the control systems of finances, politics, and religion. It shows that there is a small number of people holding all the power and authority over the masses, keeping the status quo in place in a world filled with poverty, wars, division, and disease. In this pyramid of power, it becomes clear that all those at the top want is more money and more power. It also shows the length to which the elite is willing to go to maintain their control, by planning and carrying out wars and attacks that create enormous chaos and suffering on the world stage.

The system we live in today is often referred to as a matrix control system. The famous movie ‘The Matrix’ suggests that the masses of people are being kept in an unconscious state and that their life-force energy feeds a battery for artificial life-forms that rule the planet. The people are being presented with virtual reality computer programs that keep them in the conviction that they are living their lives in freedom. Many people today believe that this idea is not far from current reality. The matrix control system on our planet can be interpreted as a school or as a prison. There are planetary and hyper-dimensional beings that are using people’s life-force energy for their own benefit. This teaches humans where their weakness is and invites them to reclaim their sovereignty, set their boundaries, and master their manifesting potential. Montalk offers a comprehensive yet simple explanation of the matrix, the system, and hyper-dimensional influences.

How the elites play their game of power over the masses is thoroughly explained by David Icke. For decades, he has given lectures about the tricks the elites have played, which resulted in the suffering and suppression of the masses. He exposes bloodlines including royalty and politicians, that are themselves controlled by hyper-dimensional beings. These elite bloodlines are in control of the banking system, the large corporations, the media and entertainment industry, the military industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. Their goal is to keep the masses in a state of hypnosis in which they dream to be awake and where it doesn’t occur to them to resist the system. Through Icke’s lectures, we gain insight into the process of corporate, political, and media manipulation, and are presented with solutions that suggest we stop cooperating in systems that only function with our implicit acquiescence.

To find the right balance between understanding the world around us, but also taking full responsibility for our own feelings and our own life, Bernhard Guenther offers insightful information and courses. He refers to the current unfoldings on the world stage and shines a light on many aspects these unfoldings are teaching us in our journey of awakening. Important ingredients needed in this journey are truly knowing ourselves and our traumas and doing the inner work to heal emotional wounds. As long as we don’t do that, these emotional wounds offer an entry-point for hyper-dimensional manipulation to take place. He often refers to quotes of teachers, writers, and gurus that have written about the times we live in today, and these offer suggestions on how we could approach the challenges we are presented with during this time of transition.

A revealing source that suggests that our reality and our original soul matrix has been hijacked by an inorganic overlay matrix is found in Keylontic Science. Everything we perceive as our tangible reality is projected through sacred geometry and Keylontic Science suggests that the geometry on the planet has been altered. That would be the reason we live in a matrix that recycles energy, where we deteriorate with age, and life consumes life to sustain itself. It also reveals information about different extra-terrestrial races that have been part of the creation of humanity as it is today. With this information, we can deepen our understanding of the motivation behind the matrix control system. It explains how multi-dimensional beings depend on the life-force energy created by mentally and energetically ‘enslaved’ human beings. It also offers suggestions on what can be done to assist humanity and the planet to step into and stay in the timeline where the original matrix is recovered and the dormant DNA is reactivated in humanity.

When we wish to dive deeper into the arena of metaphysical knowledge, there is a vast amount of information available at the Secret Energy website and community created by Sevan Bomar. His teachings always refer back to the wisdom that all is self, and that everything that is happening in the world around us is a reflection of parts of ourselves. As above, so below, and we are reminded that we are powerful creator-beings and that all our experiences and challenges are an invitation for spiritual growth. His lectures integrate history, mythology, archetypes, astrology, numerology, etymology, symbolism, evolution, ascension, and many more topics, presented in a way that is not limited to sharing information but that is also transferring a frequency. The Secret Energy tribe has a strong sense of community spirit, which makes us feel supported while being on a journey of researching our deeper reality and discovering our essence.

In doing our own research, it is crucially important to use critical discernment. Nowadays, information is power, and those that fight for power also use information as a tool for distraction and manipulation. The Discernment page elaborates more on this topic.