Once we open our minds and hearts to the deeper meaning of our circumstances, the things that we used to disregard as coincidences, now become messages that can guide us on our journey. The people we meet or run into, little accidents that happen with us or around us, material or non-material gifts we receive are some examples of events that could convey a deeper message to us. Especially when we feel a significant physical or emotional response to something, it could be an invitation to listen closely to what it is attempting to communicate to us. Two important categories of these messages can be defined as confirmations and warnings related to the path we are currently on, or more specifically to a certain aspect of our path.

The distinguishing factor between these two can often be found in the flow and effortlessness of this aspect of our path. When we are making decisions in our physical daily reality that are in alignment with our higher self and our soul path, we would go through our days in a relaxed flow and we could read signs of confirmation in the synchronistic message. That could present itself as surprise compliments, meeting like-minded people, receiving invitations or offers, finding objects that had gone missing a long time ago, having an inner realization that connects many dots, etcetera. The impact it would have on our system feels like a sigh of relief, that relaxes us. It can feel like life itself is cheering us on to continue on our journey in the way that a parent would praise their children at the side of the soccer field when they score a goal.

When we experience the synchronicities that serve more as warning signals, their impact on our daily life is more stagnating, with new obstacles being presented on our path. These warnings may relate to a certain aspect of our life and the choices we made, such as in our professional or romantic life, or choices we made that have an impact on our physical or emotional health. The synchronistic signs we receive could present themselves in the form of losing or forgetting things, encountering situations of conflict with the people around us, experiencing accidents, or receiving bad news. The impact on our system is often that we feel tensed and worried. When we would change something about our approach to the circumstances, we might instantly feel more relaxed and in alignment again.

These synchronicities are arranged by unseen forces in our lives. Our ancestors or spirit guides, other helpful multi-dimensional beings, or source intelligence could be attempting to communicate with us through the language of synchronicity. This support can be very useful on our journey, but sometimes it is an ‘interference’ with a negative intention. It is important that we know how to tell the difference and what sources we can trust; more about this can be found on the Discernment page. Sometimes the messages that we are presented with can seem paradoxical. For example, when we have just chosen a new direction in life to focus on, we might be tested in our determination to walk this new path. Synchronicities that tempt us to go back to our previous direction could be presented to us, and only once we respond with actions that show our commitment to the newly chosen path, the synchronicities would shift towards messages of confirmation.

With practice, we can develop the skill of decoding the messages that the synchronicities convey to us. We are supposed to interpret these messages for ourselves, as one type of event can mean different things to different individuals. Trusting our intuition and our inner guidance system is important in this process. When we trust ourselves and our perception, we can start collaborating with the external synchronistic messages to guide us on our path. Being connected and centered in our bodies is a prerequisite to navigate our journey constructively because, without that inner anchor, we would be easily pushed and pulled into many different directions. A lack of inner guidance could also make us dependent on the external confirmations that we are choosing the ‘right’ path. Ultimately, we come to realize there is no use in labeling circumstances and choices as right or wrong, as they all serve as experiences that offer more clarity and insight in the next steps on our path.