healing tools

Everything in the universe and on the planet is made up of frequencies. Light, colors, sounds, and all matter, both organic and inorganic, consists of vibrating particles or waves. The studies of doctor Emoto revealed that intention has an impact on water molecules. Other studies show the healing and growth-supporting effects of meditation, love, and positive intentions. Positive intentions have an impact on how plants grow, on air quality, and on our mental-emotional state. Even chronic diseases can be improved or cured through intention. The healing tools that we can use to support us during our journey, can only take us so far. The frequencies we transmit from our essence, eventually determine the outcome. Our belief systems, especially unconscious patterns, are very powerful. So the key is to use the tools in a way where they can assist us in believing without a doubt, that our goals can be manifested, instead of becoming dependent on an external source that is expected to do the work for us.

Crystals have been known for a long time as healing tools. Natural crystals have been formed and shaped over thousands of years on this planet or on other planets. Nowadays also laboratory-made crystals on the market. Crystal can be seen as transmitters, that hold the memory of an intention or theme they represent. Each different type of crystal carries a specific frequency and they can be used for different zodiac signs, developing character traits, improving life-approach and mental-emotional stability, and assist in healing specific issues and diseases. When we pick up a crystal, often we can feel whether or not this crystal is beneficial for us at this moment in time. It might feel like they communicate with us in a certain way, and this intuition is key in finding the right crystal. So going into a shop where different crystals can be seen and felt might be the best approach. Some crystals specialize in clearing the electro-magnetic field inside and around us. In these times of high exposure to devices that radiate unhealthy frequencies, crystals like Shungite could be highly protective and beneficial. The Mystic Wolf offers many different crystals and ships worldwide.

Relatively new healing tools that can have a strong impact are Tensor Tools. They use the power of sacred geometry as an ‘encoder’ for clearing and healing to take place. Our energy and frequency vibrates in specific ways and creates a magnetic field inside of us and around us. The way these energies flow is strongly connected to our well-being. Ancient quantum mechanics has ways to intentionally manipulate these energy fields. Tensor Tools open and activate a space that produces an infinite source of energy. This is known as the Tensor field. It works like a super-conductor that neutralizes magnetic fields. It can bring tranquility and stability into chaos, and easily stabilizes the bio-magnetic energy-fields of the body. The Tensor field produces a measurable gravity effect. This technology is used for healing, optimizing water, stimulating plant growth and vitality, and much more.

When we are dealing with specific issues related to our health and well-being, a possible solution can be found in Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. All energy is electro-magnetic in nature, and nothing in the body happens without an electro-magnetic exchange between cells. This electro-magnetic information makes the tests possible that are used in the field of medicine, such as the electro-cardiogram, which measures the electromagnetic activity of the heart. Disruption of this energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism, and if our cells are not healthy, our body is not healthy. External magnetic fields interact with the electro-magnetic fields produced by the body. So, a magnetic field passing through our body will have an electro-magnetic effect on each of our 70 trillion cells. As a result, magnetic fields act in fundamental ways on molecules and tissues. Devices that use this technology are used for many healing purposes. The Dr. Pawluk website contains research on PEMF devices and compares different types of devices.

A new protection tool is available that aims specifically to provide us with a clean and healthy electro-magnetic environment, called the Bioshield. It is a USB key that balances imbalanced harmful radiation, which then activates the revitalization of the entire body on a cellular level, bringing it back to optimal balance. It brings the cells back to their optimal frequency and helps to restore the optimal functioning of all the organic and biological systems in the body. Current advancements in the technological world around us impose increasingly stronger invading frequencies on our system, so effective tools that neutralize their radiation can be useful. Of course, being in nature, breathing fresh air, and eating healthy foods are important for our health. But when we are forced to spend much of our time surrounded by technological devices, this protection helps provide a nurturing electro-magnetic environment so we can remain healthy even during this technological era.