Most of us have heard of New Age teachings that claim that we create our own reality with our thoughts and actions, and suggest we should practice positive thinking and positive affirmations so our life could become abundant and filled with health and wealth. However, many of these popular teachings have over-simplified this concept and excluded the importance and impact of our unconscious belief systems that we developed due to our emotional wounding and generational trauma. They also seem to zoom in too much on how we individually create our reality and imply that we live in an isolated bubble. But in reality, we are co-creative beings and with a critical mass of humanity unconsciously manifesting certain timelines that have an impact on the global energy, events, and their domino-effect, our reality is partly determined by what humanity as a collective is unconsciously manifesting.

We are, in our essence and raw potential, powerful creator-beings. Our consciousness is having a human experience during this lifetime, for which our consciousness has entered a human body that functions in a tangible three-dimensional reality. In the energetic density of the third dimension (which is thicker than in higher dimensions), there is a significant time-lag between the energetic manifesting vibrations we emanate and the moment the intentions materialize in the physical reality. As the human collective evolves and moves into the fourth and fifth-dimensional reality, these manifestations occur more rapidly. So in a sense, the delay in manifestation is protecting us from creating a reality that we truly don’t want to create. We are invited to practice being more in control of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and to choose them wisely and carefully.

A key ingredient in this process of becoming a conscious creator of our reality is to shift our perspective from seeing life as something that happens to us, to seeing life and our experiences in it as something we have created. That gives us the power to become conscious creators, rather than continuously feeling like a victim of our circumstances. When we are dedicated to our inner journey of healing and expansion, we improve our ability to allow intense feelings, thoughts, and sensations into our energy-field and we receive the messages they are showing us. Metaphorically speaking, the shift that takes place is like moving from being sucked down into the waves of the ocean before they hit the beach, to staying balanced on a surfboard while we ride the waves. The waves are still there, we don’t deny them and we do the inner work that the waves are asking us to do. And as with surfing, practice makes perfect.

The collective timeline in our current reality seems to be splitting itself. There is a large percentage of humanity that is living in a rather hypnotized state; they are deeply caught up in their race for security and ego-satisfaction. An increasing percentage of humanity is re-awakening and reclaiming their universal and sovereign rights. The outcome of these mass manifestations looks very different, and the timeline that is manifested by the most powerful creators is likely to define the future of the planet. There is a potential for more destruction and loss of balance, which could result in a more rapid deterioration of nature, the environment, the air, human health, and the state of our consciousness. There is also a potential for a constructive turn-around, that could result in a long-term flourishing of nature, of all living beings on the planet, and of a thriving humanity.

When we each take responsibility for our personal reality and experiences, live from our authentic essence, radiate our highest potential frequencies, and share our voice, truth, and message with those around us, it will create energetic ripples that radiate further than we can imagine. When little fires of heart-centered and awakened consciousness are ignited on many different locations, these ripples will cover the whole planet and touch all the souls that are ready and willing to be inspired by these pioneers in rising consciousness. The time in which we live is probably one of the most interesting times our planet has ever experienced, and the outcome of the collective journey we are on will impact not only this planetary playground of life and consciousness, but it will also impact the multi-dimensional life-forms that are participating in this process from unseen realms.