knowledge & wisdom

Generations that lived before the rise of industry and technology, passed on knowledge and wisdom through traditions, ceremonies, songs, and stories. The elders and shamans were guiding their people towards living in harmony with each other and with nature. Somehow, in the last few hundred years, that genuine guidance has been replaced by control systems in our societies. Education, science, religion, and media have taken over the role of passing on knowledge, yet there seem to be increasing distortions and fragmentation in what is being taught. Connection to nature, to our heart, and to our body, critical thinking skills, and creativity are slowly disappearing in this age of technology. The concept of being human, and being alive, is shifting from an individual natural experience into an artificial hive-mind consciousness. Technological advancements have been introduced to us in the last decades, through which (social) media, programs, and entertainment are influencing our minds and our consciousness.

The developments seem like progress in some ways, but some deeply concerning effects endanger our future on this planet. The resources of the planet are being depleted and the balance in nature is being harmed. Natural habitats of animal species are hijacked causing many species to go extinct, which impacts the delicate balance between all living organisms and the planet. Climates, currents, and seasons change in ways that can result in unpredictable catastrophes. We are not only cut off from nature around us, but we are also cut off from our inner nature. We lack exposure to sunlight, oxygen, a nutritious diet, heart-to-heart connections, and a connection to a higher source. Our daily realities have become a rat-race towards a goal that is nearly impossible to reach and the reality we perceive is being dictated to us by individuals with powerful positions in the monopoly-game of our societies.

With enough commitment and willpower, we can find our way back to authentic knowledge and wisdom. Instead of being passively controlled by the systems that try to dictate our reality, we can reclaim our own path and consciously choose how we live. There are some crucial steps in this process, and it does not happen overnight. The ways we have been conditioned by society and the media are subtle and extensive and we have to peel away many layers of lies that we believed to be true since childhood. The pioneers that are reclaiming their sovereign lives are swimming upstream: the masses resist and reject change and are determined to reinforce the status quo. But once the fire has ignited in those that feel called to walk this pioneering path, it usually cannot be ignored and an inner voice speaks louder than the limiting influences around us.

A prerequisite for the ability to see and understand reality is to clearly see and know ourselves. Our minds, our emotions, and our senses are the receptors through which we perceive everything around us. When we don’t know ourselves, what we see can become distorted and blurred. On the Trauma & Conditioning page, we discovered methods to heal our wounds from the past, and to integrate our shadow-parts so that we don’t project our unconscious beliefs onto the world around us. Now there is a deeper layer of self-knowledge to uncover, that relates to our energetic blueprint and our soul path in this lifetime. Other more universal factors influence our life-path, such as astrological influences and synchronicities. Completing this puzzle gives us insight into who we are in essence and also in the mission we have during our time on the planet.

In order to establish a clear and comprehensive perspective on life, on our planet, on humanity and on our history, and on the current reality that we inhabit, we have to do thorough and diligent research. The fragmentation, distortions, and manipulation that are presented through the official channels of schools, academia, politics, and media paint an incomplete and often incorrect picture of our reality. Luckily at this time, we all have access to independent alternative internet sources of knowledge and wisdom. There are many informative and inspiring online newsletters, e-books, courses, podcasts, and webinars available that can open our eyes and minds and give us a birds-eye perspective on reality. We can also make connections with like-minded people, keeping each other mutually updated on new findings, and valuable research.

During our journey of expansion, we are often presented with new sources that provide us with new information. We will inevitably be confronted with information that contradicts what we define as truth and reality, and also with different sources that contradict each other. To construct a complete and accurate image of truth, we need to use our discernment when we encounter new information. Especially when we have been trained to only accept scientifically proven facts into our view of reality, our discernment skills can be undeveloped. Instead of only using logic, we practice listening to the intuitive response in our hearts and our gut-feelings. When we re-train our ability to discern, it assists us in navigating the information we are exposed to, so that we can integrate that which resonates as truth into our perception of reality.

When we live in ‘default mode’, we are not living authentically from our essence. Our free will has been hijacked and we have been programmed to believe that we are free and that we are living our lives based on our own choices. But when we look closely at the foundation of the reality we perceive, we get a clearer picture of the often unseen authorities that have claimed power over human consciousness. We are born with only partially activated DNA and are taught to use only parts of our brain potential. Our umbilical cords are cut, sometimes our genitals are mutilated, we are given a ‘social’ number, and we are injected with needles containing aggressive substances. As we develop, we are conditioned to be part of a system that dictates a repetitive race of working, eating, and sleeping. By reclaiming our universal rights as sovereign soulful beings, we can realize our human potential.