detox & fasting

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we need to eat all the food we eat to function well and have enough energy throughout the day. However, many vegans are very healthy and energetic. Vegans only eat and drink plant-based food. Of course, it takes time to adjust to long-term changes in our diet. And it can be important to add a variety of supplements to our new diet to supply our body with a diversity of nutrients. Maybe the most important factor is, to change our mental attachments to and beliefs about food.

When we are serious about making changes to our diet, we need to have enough willpower to withstand the temptation of unhealthy delicacies. We also have to be willing to set boundaries for ourselves and say ‘no’ to certain options when we eat out in restaurants or visit friends. Once we decide to take our health seriously and to make consistent changes in our diet, we could start fresh with a detox treatment or a period of fasting with only fresh juices or even only water. During the detox period, the body doesn’t have to invest its energy in the digestion process and this allows the body to focus on doing thorough inner cleaning work.

Some people take this idea to the extreme by eating nothing and call themselves ‘breatharians’. They claim to use the energy they receive from water, sunlight, and prana (life-force energy) and spend a lot of time in a state of meditation. Other people allow themselves to indulge in less healthy episodes of food and drinks during the holiday seasons and commit to a detox treatment once or twice a year to regain a healthy balance. We all have our own journey and it’s important to listen to our body and inner wisdom in deciding what the right course of action is for us.

For some, it will be important to consider the energy levels they need to keep during their detox or fast, in case of work or family commitments. Others might have the space to rest completely for many days and create a personal ‘retreat’. Another consideration is related to body weight. For some it could be preferable to lose weight as a by-product of the detox or fast, for others it could be important to maintain their current weight. It is definitely not advisable to lose weight very quickly. When people have chronic conditions or diseases, it’s wise to consult a doctor before starting a detox treatment or fast. There are several main ways of detoxing and fasting to consider:

  • Detox treatment of eating a raw vegan diet with fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. For example a week, several weeks, or even several months, all fresh vegan foods (preferably organic) can be eaten and combined. With this option, most people don’t need to feel extra hungry. During this period, the body is free from having to digest the heavy fats, meat, dairy products, and grains. However, it still takes a lot of energy to digest vegetables, nuts, and seeds, so it might take longer to attain the same effects as derived by detoxes described below.
  • Detox treatment of eating only fruits. For several days, a week, or maybe even a few weeks, only fruits (preferably organic) are eaten. This detox treatment suggests to choose one type of fruit per meal and to eat as much as desired. This detox allows for the digestive system to do some deep cleansing and repairing. It could trigger some cravings and low energy levels, so it’s recommended to plan enough time to rest during this detox.
  • Juice fast. For several days or one or two weeks, only fruit and/or vegetable juices are consumed, without eating any solid food. This option gives the digestive system a lot of space to recover and cleanse because the juices only need to be absorbed. Even though unlimited amounts of juice could be used, this option could trigger heavy cravings (for certain solid foods but also for chewing), and it could cause low energy levels. Also, for this option, it’s important to plan enough time to rest. 
  • Water fast. For one day, several days, or even weeks, only water is used. Before trying this type of fast, it is important to have experienced some of the other treatments above, so the system doesn’t get ‘shocked’ too intensely. For a multiple-day water fast, a preparation phase before the water fast is required, where the food intake is gradually reduced. Also, a rebuilding phase is required afterward, where the food intake is gradually increased again. This option asks for a strong commitment, a lot of willpower, time to rest completely, and support to monitor your well-being in the process.
  • MMS detox treatment. During a Miracle Mineral Solution treatment, for several days or weeks, water with added drops of MMS is used besides eating your normal diet. MMS claims to destroy all unwanted bacteria, fungi, and parasites in the system. Because it ‘flushes’ the pathogens and toxins out of the system, the self-healing capacity of the body is recovered. Many long-term conditions and diseases have been said to have improved with the use of this alternative treatment. However, it is important to follow instructions and guidance precisely as overuse harms the system.

More in-depth information about detoxing and fasting, references for the best fruits, vegetables, and recipes to use during the treatments can be found on the Global Healing Center website. You can also find many articles about detoxing on their website.

It is of course highly important to be mindful of your physical, mental, and emotional health during these treatments. The body responds in its own way to the change in food intake, which could require us to rest more and allow the body to recover, much like how we rest and recover when we have the flu. During the treatments listed above, especially after some days, bowel movement will change. Many will have to go to the toilet more often. In the case of fruit, juice, and water detoxes or fasts, ‘unusual’ substances could be found in the stool. These could be the residues of undigested food that were stored in the gastrointestinal tract, liver or kidney stones that are released from the liver and gallbladder, or the layer of plaque on the inner walls of the digestive system that are being released.

We each have our personal mental and emotional response to a detox treatment or fast. The physical substances that are being released, are representations of metaphysical accumulated residues in our system that we carried with us for many years. And as these are being released, suppressed emotions (and even latent memories) could rise to the surface that require our attention, and maybe outside support is needed. Continuously swallowing heavy foods metaphysically resembles how we ‘swallow our feelings’, instead of feeling and expressing them. During and after the detoxes, these suppressed emotions ask for the space to be processed and integrated.

During the detox or fast period, it can be wise to use a selection of supplements. This can provide the system with the necessary nutrients during the treatment, but it can also assist the body in releasing toxins and accumulated residues.