One of the most famous supplements is vitamin C. It is one of the essential vitamins, that the body cannot produce, so it needs to be added. Taking more vitamin C than our body needs results in more acidic urine (which is why it has the ability to ‘flush out’ infections in the urinary tract). Some people might get a sensitive stomach from high doses; in that case, the non-acidic version of vitamin C supplements is a good option. Vitamin C is known to keep our immune system in good shape, and to perform as an anti-oxidant. Many people take a daily dose of 1000 or 2000 mg of vitamin C (preferably time-released) and in case of any sign of an arising cold, flu, or infection, they temporarily double or triple that dose.

Multivitamins are also a popular addition to our diet. Our diet is often not providing all the daily required vitamins and minerals our body needs to remain in optimal health. Multivitamin supplements then offer a well-balanced addition so we don’t miss out on any necessary nutrients. For example, Vitamin B assists us in keeping our mental clarity and balance. Vegetarians can use support in their intake of iron and zinc. And when we lack exposure to sunlight we need added vitamin D. When taking multivitamins in the form of a tablet or capsule, orthomolecular multivitamins are the best choice, as they aim to offer the cells the optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals that the body can easily absorb.

However, an increasingly popular and often completely natural alternative to multivitamins, are organic green vitamin and mineral powders. Most of the vitamins and minerals we receive from the multivitamin tablet and capsules are synthetic. Green powders offer natural nutrients, meaning they are obtained from whole food sources. One major argument that suggests that this natural alternative works more effectively is that the body knows how to absorb natural nutrients much better. Also, green powders are often 100% organic, so they are ‘friendly’ for our bodies. They often contain a combination of powdered vegetables, fruits, roots, leaves, and enzymes. An expert in the area of powdered superfoods is Health Force.

Lately, we hear a lot about superfoods that function as anti-oxidants. These help to protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are compounds that are formed when the body converts our food into energy. As result, we are less at risk to develop diseases and it is claimed to slow down the aging process (visible as well as biological age). When the anti-oxidants balance the free radicals, it protects our DNA and our nervous system. Supplements that claim to be powerful anti-oxidants are astaxanthin, R-ala (R-alfa lipoic acid), and hydrogen (magnesium) supplements. Some superfoods also claim to work as strong anti-oxidants such as pomegranate and goji berries.

We are also hearing about the importance of fatty acids; omega-3 and omega-6 are essential fatty acids that our body doesn’t produce. Our body needs these to maintain healthy cells, blood, and hormones and a healthy nervous system and brain. They are found in some dark leafy greens and seeds but for people with a vegetarian diet, but supplements like fish, krill, or algae oil can be useful. In order for the body to absorb the nutrients we ingest, we need to have a healthy intestinal environment with the right pH-balance and enough good bacteria that break up the food and transform it into something that our body can use. A supplement to ensure and maintain this healthy environment, especially after taking an antibiotic treatment, is probiotics. Many probiotic supplements only offer several strains of bacteria and yeast, but the powerful Bio-Kult products contain many more strains of bacteria and are even effective in completely rebuilding a healthy intestinal flora.

With the selection of supplements mentioned above, we should be able to maintain a steady balance in our health and vitality. In some cases, a detox treatment with additional supplements is useful to free the system of the build-up of toxins and accumulated residues in the digestive system, the organs, and the blood. The foundation of a good detox treatment is a strict diet for some days or weeks. More details about the diet options are found at the Detox & Fasting page. For a deeper cleanse of the system, there are several options. There is an approach that uses shakes that forms a thick rubbery substance inside the body, that seems to ‘grab onto’ leftovers in the digestive system. However, there is also criticism against it. A more gentle option uses oxygen to ‘melt away’ the accumulated residues in the system. Global Healing offers several different treatment packages that target different parts of the system, like an intestinal cleanse, a liver cleanse, or a parasite cleanse.

Some also use supplements that raise our frequency, regenerate and rejuvenate our system on a deep level, improve mental clarity, and assist in our process of spiritual growth. These products are usually inspired by the wisdom of nature and ancient shamanic traditions. Shilajit is one of those products, that is miraculously produced by mountain rocks and contains fulvic acid full of minerals. It used to be popular throughout traditional medicine. Other powerful regeneration effects are claimed to come from the use of colloids such as colloidal gold, silver, or copper. They consist of tiny particles in de-ionized water. A supplement, or rather electro-magnetic nutritional support that boosts our metaphysical potential, by enhancing the intrinsic vibration of our cells, is called monoatomics. Many of these next-level supplements can be found at Secret Energy. 

In case we are struggling with chronic or acute health problems that are not critical, it is an option to try a healing approach with homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy works because the tiny amounts of working ingredients in the medicine, give the natural healing abilities of our system a nudge in the right direction. The body-intelligence is reminded of what it can do to restore balance. For some discomforts and diseases, there are specific homeopathic treatments that could help, but in most cases, it’s wise to consult a homeopathic doctor. The effectiveness of the medicine depends on a personal combination of physical nature, character, history, and mental-emotional well-being. The trick is to not only find the right medicine or combination of medicines but also to find the right dosage. In critical situations, it is important to get immediate medical assistance. Online consult and homeopathic medicine that are shipped worldwide can be found at Homeopathic.